About NSW 2021

NSW 2021: A plan to make NSW number one sets the Government's agenda for change in NSW.

It is a 10 year plan to rebuild the economy, return quality services, renovate infrastructure, restore accountability to government, and strengthen our local environment and communities. It replaces the State Plan as the NSW Government’s strategic business plan.

This plan sets immediate priorities for action and guides NSW Government resource allocation in conjunction with the NSW Budget. Agencies will identify cost-effective initiatives to achieve the goals and targets within the plan.

The preparation of this plan is just the start of the process to deliver change. NSW 2021 includes:

  • 32 Goals and 180 targets
  • Priority actions to support the achievement of each target
  • An annual community and business leader’s forum to discuss progress and identify new initiatives
  • Consultation with the community to identify local priorities and develop Local and Regional Action Plans
  • Verification of data prior to the release of an annual performance report, by independent experts.

 Progress will be regularly reported online and through an annual report tabled in NSW Parliament.